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Aviation Updates Philippines, also known as AUP, is the leading aviation-dedicated news blog in the Philippines with hundreds of thousands of monthly readers. We bring you the latest stories and news snippets as it happens.

Foremost in Aviation News. A team of aviation enthusiasts is wholly committed to delivering on the spot information to fellow geeks, frequent flyers, and the Filipino people. Never miss a story. Nationwide coverage with several correspondents in Manila, Cebu, and Davao will also strive to bring you locally-related headlines.

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To provide the most accurate and recent aviation news, analysis and information to the public


Airport Status

This page features an interactive flight tracker powered by RadarBox24.com. Aside from live flight tracking, this part of the website also offers real-time updates on flight information that are categorized per airport. As of the moment, only major international airports can be found in this section. More improvements and updates will come your way.

Philippine Carriers

This section features most of the active and former airlines in the Philippines since the liberalization of the Philippine aviation market during the time of then-President Cory Aquino.

Philippine Airports

This page will allow you to browse all of the airports in the Philippines and know more about the airlines flying in and out of the airport.

Summary of the Rights of Air Passengers

It's important to know your rights. As an air passenger, you are secured with benefits depending on your current situation (i.e. delayed, cancelled flights). Should you be bumped off from your flight, this page will inform you about the extent of what you can demand from the airline.


SALCEDO, Dirk Andrei - Dirk is an exceptional aviation enthusiast who loves to write articles and stories about the aviation industry. He updates his blog, The Valiant Wayfarer, during his unique travels around the Philippines. Being a member of a local spotting group, Dirk is an active plane spotter in which he photographs aircraft, especially rare ones, near the airport. He is a specialized volunteer at the Philippine Red Cross and have attended series of training and seminars.

DIFUNTORUM, Marc Romyel - Marc is an Avgeek (short for Aviation geek) who loves to collect die-cast planes from Phoenix, GeminiJets, and others. He provides the team with edited photos and info-graphics exclusively for AUP. His exceptional skill in editing benefited the team significantly. Currently, he is a goal keeping coach of a football club. He is playing for his team in his current school.

TUPUE, Francis Dominic - Francis is an avid aviation geek whose love for airplanes began in childhood. As a child, he became fascinated by airplanes flying over his house, located right along the path of the main runway of a busy airport. A writer by profession, Francis mainly writes news articles for AUP. Aside from aviation, Francis is also passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures.

GALGO, Ira Jaidor - Ira is a Jpop Otaku (short for Japanese Pop Music Geek) who loves to listen and to analyze music that comes from Japan. Besides that, he is a member of the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation (VATSIM) as a virtual pilot and a virtual Air Traffic Controller of VATSIM Philippines. In his spare time, he likes to compose music lyrics or listen to music. He also likes to read manga (Japanese Comics), and International aviation articles especially coming from Japan. His goal in life is to become a pilot and a Japanese music composer.

CRUZ, Joshua Noelson Santos - Joshua Noelson Santos Cruz is an aviation news writer who is also a plane spotter in Manila. He is an avid avgeek of 3 years. As an avgeek, He also collects diecast aircraft models as his hobby. He is a current admin of the spotting group, Philippine Aviators. Besides aviation, His other interests are the subjects of Science and History.