Cebu Pacific props up ramp safety with lightning shelters

Low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific has partnered with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) to install mobile lightning shelters at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.

This initiative aims to improve operational efficiency and ensure the safety of passengers and ground crew during Red Lightning Alerts (RLAs).

Five lightning shelters will be strategically placed around the terminal, with two already operational at the remote parking bay and one at Ramp 2.

The remaining shelters are expected to be installed by the end of April. These shelters will provide quicker access for ramp workers to their assigned aircraft, expediting flight recovery and resumption after RLAs are lifted.

Cebu Pacific has also equipped its ramp workers with wireless headsets to enhance safety and mobility during RLAs.

“Consistently ensuring safety and expressing care for our stakeholders has always been Cebu Pacific’s top priority. Our lightning shelters and wireless headsets don’t only mitigate the impact of lightning alerts on our operations, but they also help safeguard the welfare of NAIA ground personnel during the monsoon season.”

Lei Apostol, Cebu Pacific’s Vice President for Customer Service Operations

Apostol further explained that these measures will enable faster recovery from flight delays and cancellations caused by RLAs, minimizing disruptions for affected passengers.

Meanwhile, MIAA General Manager Eric Ines commended the low-cost carrier’s proactive approach to safety, stating:

“These initiatives are aligned with our objective to promote ramp safety at all times. We look forward to more partnerships with Cebu Pacific.”

Eric Ines, MIAA General Manager

RLAs are issued by airport authorities when thunderstorms are expected within five kilometers of the aerodrome, halting all ground operations and aircraft movements.

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