Davao passenger arrested for bomb joke at airport

A 42-year-old passenger was arrested at the Davao International Airport on Friday after making a bomb joke while checking in for a flight to Singapore.

According to the Davao International Airport Police Station (DIAPS), the incident occurred at around 3 PM when the man approached check-in counter 8 to board Scoot flight TR-361 to Singapore.

“Wala ni mabuak diri Ma’am, bomba lang, ay joke lang Ma’am, sorry, Ma’am,” the passenger told the customer service agent, which translates to “There are no fragile items inside Ma’am, only a bomb, joke only Ma’am, sorry, Ma’am.”

The customer service agent then inquired about the passenger’s baggage as he was traveling with three other companions. However, the 42-year-old insisted it was just a joke.

Airport authorities were alerted and DIAPS officers arrested the man for violating Presidential Decree 1727, also known as the Anti-Bomb Joke Law.

The passenger was brought to the Southern Philippines Medical Center for medical examination before being transferred to the Sasa Police Station for temporary detention. DIAPS is preparing a case for inquest over the violation.

Making bomb jokes at airports is considered a serious offense in the Philippines. Under PD 1727, those found guilty face penalties of up to 5 years imprisonment or fines of up to P40,000.

Aviation authorities reiterated their warning to the public against making such jokes, which cause unnecessary disruptions and security concerns at airports.

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