Korean Air to offer direct flights to Lisbon

Korean Air announced today the launch of scheduled charter flights between Seoul Incheon International Airport and Lisbon, Portugal, starting September 11th and running until October 25th.

This new route will operate three times weekly, offering the only nonstop connection between Northeast Asia and Lisbon.

“The scheduled charter flights are the only nonstop flights between Northeast Asia and Lisbon,” the airline stated in a press release. Previously, travelers faced layovers in other European countries or relied on ground transportation after arriving in Europe.

Flights will be serviced by Korean Air’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner fleet, departing Incheon on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, with return flights from Lisbon on the same days. The airline plans to extend the service into the winter season, though specific dates have yet to be announced.

Lisbon, known for its historical sites and coastal beauty, offers a diverse experience for travelers.

“[Lisbon] is an appealing destination for both leisure seekers and cultural explorers,” the press release highlighted, mentioning attractions such as beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a vibrant cultural scene.

Korean Air recommends visiting the Jerónimos Monastery in the Belém district, known as the birthplace of the famous Portuguese egg tart, and exploring the city’s rich history through a traditional tram ride.

Additionally, the city of Porto, easily accessible by train from Lisbon, offers further immersion into Portugal’s unique culture and traditions.

Tickets for the Seoul-Lisbon route are available for purchase through the Korean Air website, mobile app, and travel agencies.

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