Pagadian Airport reopens after runway rehabilitation

Commercial flights have resumed at Pagadian Airport today after the completion of runway rehabilitation works ahead of schedule, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) announced.

The emergency runway repairs, which involved fixing 34 concrete blocks, were initially set to be finished by May 15 but were completed 11 days earlier on April 24. After a 14-day curing period, the Notice to Airmen was lifted on May 13.

“The complete works were finished on April 24, and after the 14-day curing process, the Notice to Airmen was lifted on May 13,” said Edwin Luching, CAAP IX Area Center Manager.

Approximately 120 flights were affected due to the runway’s closure starting April 15. Passengers who had rerouted their journeys can now fly via Pagadian Airport again.

Simultaneously, the airport’s Passenger Terminal Building also underwent renovations to upgrade the comfort rooms, ensuring an enhanced experience for travelers.

CAAP highlighted that the successful rehabilitation reinforces its commitment to improving services and ensuring flight safety, ultimately boosting traveler confidence.

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