Cebu Pacific to test electric baggage tractor for ramp operations

Low-cost airline Cebu Pacific Air (CEB) is making strides in its electric vehicles (EV) program. As part of this initiative, the airline will launch a demonstration run for an electric baggage tractor and charging station this quarter.

The airline’s focus on the EV program is highlighted by its plan to deploy the 100% electric baggage tractor, with zero emissions, at Terminals 3 and 4 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila. The goal is to introduce multiple electric baggage tractors at NAIA by the end of the year.

Javier Massot, CEB’s Chief Operations Officer, explained the objectives, stating, “Our objectives for this demo run are multipronged. Since electric vehicles are a relatively new area for CEB, we want to test the technology and its operational viability and safety.”

TLD Asia Limited (TLD), a subsidiary of Alvest, provides the electric baggage tractor and charging station units. These units use lithium-ion batteries known for their extended lifespan. TLD’s fast-charging station will also be employed.

The experience gained from these demonstrations will shape CEB’s strategy to transition its ground transportation network to electric, zero-emission alternatives. This approach aligns with the airline’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Alex Reyes, Chief Strategy Officer for CEB, highlighted the airline’s comprehensive approach, saying, “CEB’s Scope 1 emissions come from our flights and ground operations. Our decarbonization strategy addresses the entire emissions from our value chain.”

Beyond ground operations, Cebu Pacific has introduced 100% electric COMET vehicles for employee services. The airline also continues to receive fuel-efficient aircraft deliveries from Airbus.

As Cebu Pacific pioneers sustainability in the aviation sector, its EV program remains central to its environmental goals.

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