American Airlines named new Mission Leader by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has welcomed American Airlines as its newest Mission Leader, recognizing the airline’s significant contributions towards disaster relief efforts.

This prestigious title is reserved for organizations donating over $3 million annually to the Red Cross and demonstrating exceptional commitment through financial, in-kind, and volunteer support.

Mission Leaders represent an elite group of the Red Cross’ most dedicated corporate and organizational partners. Their contributions go beyond financial donations, extending to in-kind support, customer donation programs, and employee engagement in volunteering and blood donation initiatives.

This comprehensive support fuels innovation and propels the Red Cross mission of alleviating suffering during emergencies.

American Airlines has a long history of supporting the Red Cross, consistently providing millions of miles to facilitate essential travel for those in need. The airline has been a dedicated member of the Annual Disaster Giving Program since 2014, demonstrating its commitment to proactive disaster preparedness.

“American Airlines is humbled to be recognized as a mission leader of the American Red Cross,” stated Ron DeFeo, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at American Airlines.

He emphasized the airline’s dedication to “uplifting and supporting communities in times of crisis,” aligning with their core purpose of caring for people throughout life’s journey.

The Red Cross responds to over 65,000 disasters annually across the nation, offering relief and support to individuals facing immense challenges. With the increasing frequency and intensity of large-scale disasters like wildfires and hurricanes, contributions from partners like American Airlines are crucial in ensuring the Red Cross’s continued readiness and effective response capabilities.

Gail McGovern, President and CEO of the American Red Cross, expressed deep gratitude for American Airlines’ “remarkable generosity year after year,” highlighting the vital role of Mission Leaders in supporting innovation and immediate crisis response.

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