AirAsia Philippines cracks down on bomb jokes

With the surge in air travel to both domestic and international destinations, AirAsia Philippines is calling on passengers to observe proper decorum and adhere to safety protocols, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for bomb jokes.

The airline stressed that all employees, including ground and flight crew, are trained to handle security threats seriously. This includes taking immediate action against any individual who makes a bomb joke, as it is considered a serious offense that can disrupt flights and cause undue anxiety among passengers.

“Bomb jokes and other security-related issues are taken seriously out of rigorous protocol,” stated AirAsia Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs and First Officer Steve Dailisan. “AirAsia reiterates that bomb jokes are immediately interpreted as a security threat. Moreso, it can make other guests uncomfortable or traumatize especially first-time passengers.”

Beyond causing flight delays and passenger distress, bomb jokes carry significant legal repercussions. Individuals found guilty of such offenses can face penalties under Presidential Decree 1727 and Republic Act 11479 (Anti-Terrorism Act of 2000), including imprisonment of up to 5 years and fines reaching PHP40,000.

The airline also reminded passengers to follow proper decorum when flying, such as remaining seated during boarding and disembarking processes, and refraining from alcoholic intoxication. Unruly passengers may face disciplinary actions, including being reprimanded or offloaded during the flight.

AirAsia Philippines further emphasized the importance of maintaining cleanliness inside the aircraft, calling it a shared responsibility between passengers and the cabin crew.

“While the cabin crew performs routine trash collection, it will also help save time and contribute to the flight’s on-time performance if guests observe proper disposal of trash, especially upon disembarking the aircraft,” Dailisan added.

Similarly, Cebu Pacific earlier issued a similar advisory to the public, sternly warning passengers of the repercussions and seriousness of bomb threats.

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