HK Express unveils new brand identity

Aviation Updates Philippines – The Hong Kong-based low-cost airline, HK Express, has announced the introduction of a new corporate identity and brand positioning, "Gotta Go," as well as a number of updated brand assets. Updates have been made to the company's website, mobile apps, key graphics, apparel, and aircraft livery.

Photo from HK Express

The company emphasized that this is the perfect time to rebrand as consumers in Asia once again seek out travel opportunities as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The new brand positioning, "Gotta Go," aims to encourage spontaneity and invoke a new, free-spirited travel attitude, appealing to the target customer who is bold, dynamic, and lives in the moment.

The new brand identity is a departure from the previous one, which was centered around the concept of "Fly Better." The airline's previous visual identity and uniforms were more traditional and conventional, with a focus on elegance and professionalism.

"Three years have passed since the start of the pandemic. Just as travellers have gained new perspectives on travel, so has HK Express," said CEO Mandy Ng. "Our refreshed brand concept reflects our zest for adventure and readiness to help like-minded travellers to explore the world on their own terms."

The airline's redesigned visual identity incorporates direct and simple designs, such as simple iconography and images. In order to represent the beginning of a journey as well as the novelty and freshness of the customized travels and experiences that HK Express provides to each customer, the new logo, which consists of a journey symbol and updated wordmark, uses tones of purple and cyan.

In addition to the new logo, brand positioning, and key visuals, HK Express is presenting a new set of cabin crew uniforms designed by Hong Kong's top sustainable fashion designer, Mountain Yam.

Photo from HK Express

The uniforms include options for female crew members, as well as a mix-and-match of different apparel for all crew members based on their personalities. Dress shoes have been replaced by sneakers as a representation of individuality and inventiveness. The costumes also contain repurposed components from earlier outfits, with excess cloth being used to make repurposed teddy bears.

The revamped campaign also extends to new aircraft livery, featuring the iconic shades of purple and white, and embellished with the new cyan. The "e" shaped journey symbol on winglets, vertical stabilizer, and the bottom of the fuselage evokes the start of a pleasant journey with HK Express.

The new livery will debut on the delivery of HK Express' first Airbus A320neo aircraft and will be gradually rolled out across the airline's fleet.