AirAsia Philippines implements measures to cushion high fuel surcharges

AirAsia Philippines is taking steps to mitigate the impact of high fuel surcharges on airfares, aiming to keep travel affordable during the final month of the summer season.

For the past three months, the fuel surcharge has remained at Level 6, adding PHP185 to PHP665 for domestic flights and PHP610.37 to PHP949.51 for international flights on tickets purchased between May 1 and May 30.

However, the airline clarified that tickets bought earlier, in January and February, will not be subjected to surcharge adjustments.

Despite the high fuel costs, AirAsia Philippines reported positive performance in the first quarter, selling 91% of its target seat capacity, equivalent to PHP 1.87 million.

The airline’s load factor also increased by 104% compared to its initial projections.

“With AirAsia, travelers can always rely on affordable fares. Our double digit promo offers such as the LFG 20% off All Seats, All Flights, available until 28 April will surely make your travel plans happen. However, we always advise our guests to plan their travels ahead to further save on costs.”

Steve Dailisan, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at AirAsia Philippines

In an effort to optimize airport operations and enhance the customer journey, AirAsia is in discussions with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) to facilitate the transfer of its international flights from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1.

“The shorter distance between Terminals 1 and 2, where AirAsia operates domestic flights, is seen to optimize the use of taxiways and minimize carbon emissions, which will greatly benefit the entire airport operations,” Dailisan explained.

“Guests are also expected to have an improved customer journey with shorter transfer time between two terminals,” he added.

Last year, AirAsia successfully transferred its domestic operations from Terminal 4 to Terminal 2.

In 2023, the airline flew more than 1.72 million guests to various international destinations and aims to double that figure this year, while also adding frequencies to existing international routes.

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