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EVA Air to launch flights to Clark

Aviation Updates Philippines – EVA Air will be adding a third destination in the Philippines – Clark.

Image: EVA Air Airbus A321-200 Taking Off (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

In a release, the Taipei, Taiwan-based airline announced plans to launch daily flights between Taipei-Taoyuan and Clark - located 80 kilometers north of the Philippine capital of Manila starting March 30, 2023. The new flights will see the use of the airline's Airbus A321-200 aircraft with 184 seats – 8 Business and 176 Economy.

According to EVA Air, the new route will provide a new option to travel to Taipei for customers from the northern part of the Philippine island of Luzon. The opening of the route will also increase travel options for customers from North America and Europe transiting to the Philippines via Taiwan.

Clark will the third destination in the Philippines for EVA Air, which currently operates a combined 35 flights to the country with services to Manila and Cebu.

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