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Scoot increases flights to the Philippines

Aviation Updates Philippines – Singaporean low-cost carrier Scoot is set to boost capacity in the Philippines from September 2022, airline schedules website AeroRoutes reports.

Scoot Airbus A320neo departing from Davao. Photo by Dirk Salcedo, AUP.

Based on the report, Scoot will upgrade one of the two daily flights between Singapore and Manila to the 335-seat Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

Starting September 1, 2022, the Dreamliner will be deployed on the afternoon flight, operating TR-390/391. Meanwhile, TR-396/397 will continue to be operated by the 236-seat Airbus A321neo.

Moreover, the low-cost carrier is also planning to expand flights from Singapore to Cebu this September, with the introduction of two more weekly frequencies on the said route.

Beginning September 5, 2022, Scoot will operate daily flights on the Singapore-Cebu route, up from five weekly flights. The equipment to be deployed will not change, as it remains to be the Airbus A321neo aircraft.

Scoot, a Singapore Airlines subsidiary, also operates flights from Singapore to Clark and Davao, aside from the recently mentioned flights to Cebu and Manila.

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