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Cebu Pacific partners with Forest Foundation, Miriam College to grow forests in Rizal

Aviation Updates Philippines – The Philippines’ leading airline has partnered with Forest Foundation Philippines (Forest Foundation) and Miriam College - Environmental Studies Institute (Miriam College - ESI), to grow forests.

“Our tree planting initiative is part of our sustainability journey. It is our small way of contributing to environmental stewardship and supporting local livelihoods," said Alex Reyes, Chief Strategy Officer at Cebu Pacific."

Forest Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides grants to organizations that empower the people to protect and conserve the forests. The grant was awarded to Miriam College - ESI, a pioneer in school-based education and advocacy for the environment, to grow forests.

Cebu Pacific, Forest Foundation and Miriam College will plant 5,200 native seedlings in a forestland in Barangay Laiban, Tanay, Rizal. On top of these, 601 seedlings will be personally adopted by Cebu Pacific employees. The forestland serves as a window to the Sierra Madre, the country’s longest mountain range. Sierra Madre, also known as the “backbone of Luzon,” helps protects the country from the onslaught of typhoons.

They will plant “narra”, “kamagong”, “antipolo”, “tibig”, and “banaba” and fruit – bearing trees in the forestland. These native trees will support recovery and expansion of forest habitats for wildlife, protect watershed and freshwater resources, improve the local natural landscapes, connect forest fragments, and secure the livelihoods of the forest dependent communities.

Atty. Jose Andres Canivel, Forest Foundation Executive Director, expressed hope that the collaboration will contribute to the protection and conservation of the forests in Luzon.

“We are grateful how this partnership brought us to grow forests together during this difficult time. Despite reports stating that nature is recovering, our conservation challenges, in fact, remain. We are still losing forests and forest biodiversity. Our forest-dependent communities still need our support. By planting native and fruit-bearing trees, we are hopeful that this collaboration will enable us to contribute to both the protection and conservation of our forests and development of livelihood opportunities for our forest-dependent communities in Luzon," said Canivel.

Ambassador Laura Q. Del Rosario, Miriam College President, said the joint project was a good example on how corporations work with other institutions to care about the environment.

“With Cebu Pacific working in tandem with a school like Miriam College, under the guidance of the Forest Foundation Philippines, we can show that businesses do care and that they play a significant role in the reforestation movement,” Del Rosario said.

“We also believe that Cebu Pacific can be a leader in showing the way to being involved in improving, not just the environment, but also the quality of life of communities whose livelihood depends on nature’s resources.”

CEB has been providing affordable, safe, and reliable flights to its customers to facilitate connectivity between families and communities since 1996. As it tirelessly works on moving people and cargo across great distances more efficiently, CEB ensures that it achieves its objectives in a manner that empowers its people, protects the environment, and supports communities so they may thrive.

Press release from Cebu Pacific

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