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PAL goes cashless for cargo transactions

Aviation Updates Philippines – Philippine Airlines Cargo recently introduced a new "cashless" payment method that makes it more convenient for PAL customers to pay for direct cargo transactions.

Photo from Cielo Villaluna, Philippine Airlines

Starting this month, PAL Cargo accepts payments via GCash and PayMaya. This over-the-counter payment option allows cargo shippers to scan a QR code and pay with their GCash or PayMaya accounts.

PayMaya is available nationwide, while GCash is currently available only in Manila and Cebu. The GCash payment method can be used nationwide by May 24, 2021.

Philippine Airlines offers cargo services on its network of flights to 29 domestic points and 32 destinations in Asia, North America, Australia and the Middle East. The flag carrier also operates occasional all-cargo flights on select overseas routes to transport vital shipments including life-saving vaccines, medical equipment and other important supplies.

Press release from PAL Corporate Communications

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