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PAL opens 80th anniversary with dawn mass at NAIA

Aviation Updates Philippines – At the break of dawn, the PAL family welcomed the flag carrier's 80th anniversary with a Eucharistic celebration led by Rev. Fr. Jose Winston Margate who gave his blessings and words of inspiration.

In his remarks, our President and COO Gilbert Santa Maria stressed that the PAL team continues to work towards the goal of ensuring Philippine Airlines' continued viability.

"Our message to our country and the world: Buhay pa tayo. Andito pa tayo. At hindi tayo aalis. (PAL is alive, is still here and is not leaving.). This great lady - Philippine Airlines - will stay aloft while she is in our care," he said. 

The mass and simple ceremony, held at the grounds of the south wing of NAIA Terminal 2, welcomed the brand new day. As GSM pointed out, "It's nice to see the sun light up the sky and the flag that has been an indelible part of our fleet for eight decades."

Despite the challenges our flag carrier has gone through, 'Asia's First' is still the airline with a lot of heart. 310,000 of the 420,000 Overseas Filipinos came home via PAL from March 2020 up to the present. Within the same period, tens of thousands of foreign nationals flew back to their home-countries via PAL. At present, vaccines are being airlifted to keep our country safe.

GSM cited divine intervention and divine inspiration as blessings that have led to the airline's continued survival. "We must remain bold and fearless. We will continue to work to earn PAL's future."

As a fitting way to cap his message, GSM read the Knights Templar motto: "Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam (Not for us, My Lord, not for us, but to your Name give the glory)."

Press release from Philippine Airlines

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