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Qatar Airways to introduce touchless tech to access inflight entertainment system

Aviation Updates Philippines –  As part of its COVID-19 safety measures, Qatar Airways announced it will introduce zero-touch technology to access its inflight entertainment system. 

Image: Qatar Airways Airbus A350 (Credit: Airbus)

The Doha-based airline will introduce the zero-touch technology with its Thales AVANT IFE systems on its Airbus A350 jets. Passengers will be able to pair their personal electronic devices with their seat-back IFE by connecting to the “Oryxcomms” Wi-Fi and scanning a QR code on the screen. Once scanned and logged in, passengers will be able to access the airline's Oryx One inflight entertainment system with over 4,000 entertainment options which includes movies, TV shows, music, and video games.

The airline's Oryx One system is also available on other aircraft on the Qatar Airways fleet.

Qatar Airways will also be the first airline in either the Europe, the Middle East, or North America to offer passengers on Business and Economy Class the option to pair their Bluetooth headphones with the inseat IFE systems on the airline's Boeing 787-9 jets.

In a statement, Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Bakar said: “The introduction of the state-of-the-art Zero-Touch technology, and enabling passengers to use their personal Bluetooth headset on board is an important step in taking our already rigorous and stringent COVID-19 precautions to another level, limiting passenger surface contact and preventing any possible spread of infection on board.”

Al Bakar further added: “We hope it provides yet further assurance of the safety of air travel, as well as offering passengers on board increased confidence that they are enjoying the most consistently advanced customer experience available in the sky.”

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