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Beijing's Daxing Airport now handling 43% of city's airline capacity

Aviation Updates Philippines – After more than a year since its opening, Beijing's second megahub – Daxing Airport – is now handling 43% of the overall capacity of the Chinese capital's two main air hubs.

 Image: Aerial view of Beijing-Daxing Airport's terminal (Source: OAG)

According to aviation research firm OAG, Daxing Airport have been on a “similar recovery track” following the COVID-19 outbreak. After its opening in September 2019, capacity grew to 12% of Beijing capacity. While capacity fell due to the downturn amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the airports have been building back their capacity since August to the current 43% level.

While the airport has grown to help ease the air traffic demands at Beijing-Capital, Daxing is currently limited to domestic services with limited international flights. OAG reports a combined 5.1 seats were operated during the month of November from both airports on 186 routes. Capital Airport still has the most routes with 137 compared to Daxing (121).

The growth at Daxing Airport within its first year of operations have been attributed to the move of China Southern and China Easterns' move of their Beijing operations to the new airport. China Southern is currently the largest airline at Daxing Airport with 45% of the airline capacity followed by China Eastern at 15%.

Chinese officials previously planned that all airlines except Beijing-based Air China would shift their operations at the city to Daxing. Air China also has a presence at Daxing along with other airlines such as Beijing Capital Airlines, China United Airlines, and Xiamen Air.

Among the prominent routes at Daxing include 50% of the city's flights bound for the southern city of Guangzhou – home of China Southern. The airport has also seen the rise of routes to prominent domestic tourist destinations such as Sanya on the island of Hainan. OAG also reports that nearly half of the flights from Beijing to Sanya now depart at Daxing.

Image: Top  20 Routes from Beijing (Source: OAG)

- Note: Daxing (PKX), Capital (PEK)

In addition to the domestic network, Daxing Airport has welcomed several foreign airlines that previously operated their Beijing flights exclusively at Capital Airport. Among the major foreign airlines that have opened flights or shifted their Beijing operations to Daxing include Malaysia Airlines, Delta, British Airways, LOT Polish, Finnair, and Royal Brunei Airlines.

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