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Delta plans to launch Seoul-Manila in winter, restore more trans-Pacific routes by next summer

Aviation Updates Philippines – As part of its plans of recovery throughout its network US-based Delta Airlines plans to open up and resume much of its trans-Pacific network by next summer. Among the routes included is the delayed launch of the Seoul-Manila route.


Image Source: Delta Airbus A350 (Source: Delta Airlines)  

In a release from the airline issued on August 21, the airline hopes to increase its services to cross the Pacific from its hubs of Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle.

From Seattle, the airline plans to operate daily flights to Tokyo-Haneda, Seoul-Incheon, Beijing, and Shanghai as part of its strategy to make the Pacific Northwest city its premier Trans-Pacific gateway. 

For its planned Seattle-Beijing flights, Delta plans to operate the route to/from the Beijing-Daxing Airport subject to government approvals. No specific date has been set, though Delta plans to launch the route during the IATA summer season (March 28-October 25).

Flights between the US and China are currently capped at four-weekly flights for airlines from each country respectively. With the recent agreement to increase the total to eight times weekly, Delta is doubling its Detroit-Shanghai and Seattle-Shanghai flights from once-weekly to twice-weekly starting August 24. The Atlanta-based carrier's operations to China makes a stop at Seoul.

In South Korea, Delta plans to resume its Minneapolis-Seoul route by April 2021. The carrier also plans to launch its Seoul-Manila flights during the winter season (October 25-March 27) initially on a four-times weekly schedule which will go daily by next summer.

The Atlanta-based carrier has delayed the launch of the Seoul-Manila route – originally scheduled to begin in March - amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delta plans to continue developing its presence at Tokyo-Haneda with the addition of four-times weekly flights from Haneda to Honolulu by December 2020. 


Image: Delta Airlines' winter 2020/summer 2021 plans (Source: Delta Airlines' website)

Among the other routes Delta plans to resume by next summer include Portland-Tokyo (Haneda), Minneapolis-Tokyo (Haneda), Los Angeles-Shanghai, and Detroit-Nagoya.

“While significant hurdles remain in the global fight against the pandemic, we are ready to connect customers to the people, places, opportunities and experiences they’re longing for,” said Delta's Senior Vice President for Network Planning Joe Esposito. “Customers flying internationally can look forward to a modernized fleet featuring our latest cabin products and a travel experience that prioritizes their health and the health of our employees from check-in to baggage claim.”

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