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Cebgo stores some ATR 72-600 in Alice Springs

Aviation Updates Philippines – Low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air is sending more aircraft to Alice Springs, Australia for indefinite storage—this time, it's four of Cebgo's relatively new ATR 72-600 aircraft.

RP-C7284, RP-C7285, RP-C7286, and RP-C7287 are currently en-route to Alice Springs Airport, notably large-scale "aircraft boneyard" outside of the United States. These four aircraft were all delivered between May and December 2017, around three years old.

RP-C3266, an Airbus A320-214, is also flying direct from Manila to Alice Springs to ferry the flight crew back reportedly. Before proceeding to Australia, the ATRs will have a technical stop at Pattimura International Airport in Indonesia.

Two weeks ago, Cebu Pacific also sent off seven Airbus A321-211 and two Airbus A330-343 aircraft to the Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS) at the airport. Some of these aircraft have not had a single flight since the implementation of quarantine in the country.

These steps are part of the low-cost airline's fleet optimization strategy to reduce costs and other operating expenses further. Cebu Pacific has been reviewing its fleet as it focuses more on fuel-efficient and newer Airbus New Engine Options (NEO) variants it has on the order book.

The Philippine aviation industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Regarded as one of the worst economic recessions in decades, the pandemic has sent all airlines in red as they reported heavy net losses coupled with job reductions compared to last year.

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