WATCH: 'Steeeve' Dailisan shows pilot life amid COVID-19

Aviation Updates Philippines – The COVID-19 pandemic surely won't stop enthusiasts in loving aviation. While there have been significant changes amid the 'new normal,' former broadcast journalist Steve Dailisan shows us the highly-coveted right-hand seat in his new vlog.

Steve shared that the aviation industry has been the hardest-hit because of the two-month temporary airline shutdowns. Some have even feared for their jobs as the airlines continue to streamline operations and to undergo cost-saving measures.

One of the changes is the mandatory rapid testing of the flight crew before each flight. The crew will also be mandated to wear personal protective equipment such as face masks and protective suits throughout the flight.

Get to know what pilots do before, during, and after each flight. From pre-flight briefing at the Airline Operations Center to aircraft walkarounds, Steve's vlog becomes an inspiration for aspiring pilots to work hard to reach their ultimate goal.

The video is part of his YouTube segment, Takeoff with Steeve Dailisan, featuring his aviation career. Steve has already made several videos explaining the 'new normal' tips before flying, and the anatomy of a pilot uniform.