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Air New Zealand to fly direct Auckland-Manila flights

Aviation Updates Philippines - New Zealand's flag carrier, Air New Zealand is eyeing to launch non-stop flights between Auckland and Manila starting December of this year. The planned flight will be flown by ANZ's Boeing 767-300 aircraft.
An Air New Zealand Boeing 767-300 prepares for a flight. Photo by Wikimedia.
According to ANZ Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Luxon, the Filipino population in New Zealand has more than tripled since 2001. He expects that flights between the two capitals will be popular as it is the most convenient way to fly.

“The Filipino population in New Zealand has more than tripled since 2001 and is now the third largest Asian ethnic group, with around 40,000 Filipinos resident in New Zealand. The number of visitors from the Philippines is also continuing to grow rapidly, up more than 20% in the past year alone so we’re anticipating that demand for this service will be steady in both directions,” Luxon stated in a report.

“As the only non-stop service between New Zealand and the Philippines, our flight will be quicker and more convenient for travelers than the fastest current option which flies indirect, potentially saving up to two and a half hours each way.”

A direct flight between the two countries will only last about 10 hours and 30 minutes, depending on aircraft and wind direction.

Meanwhile, flag carrier Philippine Airlines has also launched flights to New Zealand but via Cairns, Australia using an Airbus A320-200 aircraft. However, a flight heading to Auckland via Cairns would take at least 12 hours and 15 minutes to complete, including scheduled stopover.

The airline said that flights will be available to book starting mid-2016.

Auckland Transport Minister Simon Bridges said "the service creates the first non-stop link between the two countries." He stated that in 2015, around 21,000 New Zealanders visited the Philippines while about 19,000 visited New Zealand.
Source: Travel Media Daily, BusinessDesk.co.nz

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