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Philippine Airlines Flight Diverted to Mumbai Due to Passenger Death

Aviation Updates Philippines - A Philippine Airlines flight from Abu Dhabi bound for Manila with the flight number PR 657, diverted to Mumbai, India due to the death of a 34-year old passenger. The passenger could not be revived in spite of the airport medical crew's efforts.
The actual photo of Philippine Airlines Airbus A330-300 aircraft departing from Mumbai carrying the remains of the passenger.
(PHOTO) Rohit Pital - Plane Spotters India
According to Philippine Airlines spokesperson, Cielo Villaluna, "The PAL flight from Abu Dhabi to Manila had to be diverted to Bombay (Mumbai). This was a case of death on board." The flight arrived yesterday evening at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport carrying the remains of the passenger.

After the flight landed in Mumbai, “The passenger was already receiving CPR on board without any signs of recovery and the MIAL medical team continued CPR and other lifesaving efforts for another 20 minutes. However, the passenger could not be revived, and was declared dead at 5 am on Friday,” according to an official of Mumbai International Airport Limited.

Philippine Airlines Flight 657 was able to push back at 9:42 am with the remains of the passenger on-board. According to the airline, the relatives of the said passenger were already informed of the incident and will continue to assist the passenger's next of kin.

In accordance to PAL's protocol, “We are not providing any more details as to identity in deference to the family and in line with existing airlines protocol," the spokesperson told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in a text message.

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