NAIA Terminal 1 ceiling leaks

Aviation Updates Philippines - Airport officials of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport apologized on Monday after Terminal 1's ceiling leaked. According to reports, passengers were forced to open their umbrellas to not get wet upon passing by the leaked portion of airport concourse.
Terminal 1 ceiling gets covered by tarpaulin.
(PHOTO) Raoul Esperas  
The leaking started on May 27 when it rained. Whenever it rains, several lounges at the pre-departure area of the terminal get affected. However, airport personnel assist passengers in holding their umbrellas to prevent themselves in getting wet.

The Manila International Airport Authority ordered DM Consunji Inc. (DMCI), the contractor of P1.3 billion rehabilitation project at the NAIA Terminal 1, to make the terminal "water-proof". According to the construction firm, they did not expect to rain as it was summer season.

According to the NAIA Terminal 1 Airport Manager Dante Basanta, DMCI removed the waterproofing from the east to west concourse of the airport in order to install carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). The removal of waterproofing caused the ceiling to leak when it rains.
An airport personnel bears an umbrella for her to not get wet.
(PHOTO) Raoul Esperas
Basanta said that the contractor JEDD Technologies was supposed to undertake the waterproofing installation after DMCI completed the installation of the CFRP, it told However, MIAA instructed DMCI to “to take stopgap measures to anticipate the rain and see to it that they prevent it (ceiling leaks) from recurring.”