Oman Air increases Muscat-Manila service

Aviation Updates Philippines - National flag carrier of Oman, Oman Air, plans to increase its Muscat-Manila service to seven weekly flights from its current three weekly flights following an agreement between the country of Oman and the Philippines through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

(PHOTO) Oman Convention

“Oman Air will be increasing the number of flights to seven flights a week. The designated airlines of Oman and the Philippines shall be permitted to exercise full third and fourth freedom traffic rights on passenger or combination passenger and cargo services with not more than seven weekly frequencies between Manila and Muscat, using any type of aircraft except A380," a senior official of the Philippines' Civil Aeronautics Board confirmed.

With the airline's capability to use the fifth freedom traffic rights, an airline may be permitted to drop and pick up passengers for revenue, the MoU states that Oman Air shall be permitted to exercise the right fully at one point in Thailand, one in Malaysia, and one in Indonesia as intermediate and/or beyond points, a report from Muscat Daily stated.

According to Oman Air's Chief Executive Officer, Paul Gregorowitsch, he has been impressed with its Muscat-Manila service's load factor. Gregorowitsch is highly confident for the airline to add more flights between Oman and the Philippines.

In a CAPA report, 38 percent of Oman Air’s Manila passengers to date have connected beyond Muscat. Of the 62% point to point component, 42 percent is labour traffic (Filipinos working in Oman) and 20% is business traffic. It also added that passengers from Manila are connecting to other destinations in the Middle East although Oman Air also has seen a large volume of passengers heading between Manila and Paris.