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SilkAir increases flight frequencies to Cebu and Davao; launches Kalibo

Aviation Updates Philippines - Singapore-based airline, SilkAir, is increasing flight frequencies to Cebu and Davao. Overall, SilkAir will now operate 12 weekly flights to Cebu and 7 weekly flights to Davao.

The airline also said that it will launch Kalibo flights by May 27 flying 3 times a week and making it the third Philippine destination of SilkAir. It will be the gateway for tourists travelling from Singapore to Boracay. Flying a direct flight is different from a connecting flight as it will save time.
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SilkAir is operating a triangular route, like Singapore-Cebu-Davao then back to Singapore and also Singapore-Davao-Cebu and back to Singapore.

Flights to and from Cebu and Davao always has a positive demand on passengers letting SilkAir to add more flights. The airline also upgraded flights to their newest Boeing 737-800 which has greater passenger capacity than their A320-200.

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