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Philippine Airlines lands their Boeing 777-300ER in Los Angeles

Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER RP-C7775
(PHOTO) Wong Chi Lam - Planespotters.net
Aviation Updates Philippines - Philippine Airlines first Boeing 777-300ER flight to Los Angeles landed on May 3, 2014 following their plan to deploy all Boeing 777s to the United States. 

 In our previous report, Philippine Airlines would save a total of $160 million a year for using those more fuel efficient Boeing 777-300ER planes. The airlines previously operated their Boeing 747-400 to Los Angeles which is called by aviation lovers, "gas guzzlers".

Philippine Airlines operates 11 weekly flights to Los Angeles. They will operate the 7 weekly flights with their Boeing 777s while the remaining 4 weekly flights will be operated by their Airbus A340-300.

Earlier this year, Philippine Airlines signed with Etihad Airways a deal which helps the two airlines to strengthen the passenger and cargo demand between Abu Dhabi and the Philippines. 700,000 Overseas Filipino Workers is expected to benefit a lot with the deal.

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