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Philippine Airlines increases Honolulu flights

Aviation Updates Philippines - Flag Carrier, Philippine Airlines, starting August 1, will increase flights between Manila and Honolulu. From the current 3 weekly flights, the airline plans to increase flights to 5 weekly flights. And starting October 26, Philippine Airlines will operate daily flights between Manila and Honolulu.

Flights between Manila and Honolulu will be operated by a 254-seater Airbus A340-300. Flight equipment may change due to maintenance or availability.
Philippine Airlines Airbus A340-313 (PHOTO) Steven Austen - Airliners.net

Philippine Airlines Flight 100 departs Manila at 5:30pm and arrive Honolulu at 9:55am. The return flight, Philippine Airlines Flight 101 departs Honolulu at 11:40am and arrive Manila at 4:25pm. Prices are ranging from $633.25 - $2,031.51

Earlier, Philippine Airlines booked an 18.3% increase to ₱21.65 billion in quarter one from ₱18.31 billion in the same time last year.

The delivery of the newest plane of PAL, the Airbus A330-300 High Gross Weight (HGW) variant was fitted by the new Business Class. The aircraft will fly to Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Nagoya, Tokyo-Haneda, and Seoul throughout the year.

Note: *Prices may vary in every travel date

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