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Cebu Pacific temporarily reduces Seoul flights

Aviation Updates Philippines - Low-cost carrier, Cebu Pacific Air is temporarily reducing flight frequencies to Manila-Seoul-Manila route.

The airline said it would operate 4x weekly instead of daily flights.
(PHOTO) Michael Stappen - Planespotters.net

The 2 weekly flights will be operated by the 179-seater Airbus A320-214 aircraft and the remaining 2 weekly flights will be operated by the 436-seater Airbus A330-343X.

The reduction of the flight frequencies will only be effective starting May 12 - June 1. After these dates, Cebu Pacific might add the lost three frequencies.

Cebu Pacific temporarily serves the A330 to Davao and Cebu. Passengers said that all flights are fully booked. Inside the A330, you can witness the WiFi service and bigger legroom than the A320.

5J194 MNL1520 – 2005ICN 320 136
5J188 MNL1520 – 2005ICN 330 x136
5J195 ICN2135 – 0025+1MNL 320 136
5J189 ICN2135 – 0025+1MNL 330 x136

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