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Virgin Australia Flight 41 reportedly 'hijacked'

(PHOTO) Damien Aiello - Planespotters.net
Aviation Updates Philippines - A Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800, performing flight VA 41, from Brisbane, Australia to Denpasar, Indonesia landed safely at Denpasar's Runway 27. The flight was en route to Denpasar at FL380 or Flight Level 38,000 when the aircraft began to squawk 7500, which means hijack.

When the plane landed, it stopped at the end of the runway. After one hour of no communication, the radio contact was restored and the aircraft taxied to the tarmac.

The offender, a male, 28 years old, Australian citizen was reportedly seen banging on the cockpit door attempting to enter the cockpit, but, didn't make it.

Police arrested the male offender and now being interviewed.

Flights were delayed for security reasons. 

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