Virgin Australia flight 41 diverts after passenger disruption

A Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 operating flight VA-41 from Brisbane, Australia to Denpasar, Indonesia safely landed at its destination after experiencing a disruptive passenger incident.

While cruising at around 38,000 feet, the aircraft squawked 7500, an emergency code indicating a potential hijacking. The situation prompted air traffic control to guide the plane towards Denpasar.

Upon landing, the aircraft remained at the end of the runway for approximately an hour before taxiing to the tarmac. Communication with the cockpit was initially disrupted, but later restored.

Reports indicate that a 28-year-old Australian male passenger attempted to enter the cockpit, prompting concerns about hijacking. Although unsuccessful, the incident triggered the emergency squawk.

Airport authorities promptly apprehended the individual, who is now being questioned. While no harm was inflicted on passengers or crew, the incident resulted in temporary delays for other flights as security protocols were implemented.