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Manado-Davao route to be reopened

(PHOTO) Wong Chi Lam - Planespotters.net
Manado, North Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - The North Sulawesi provincial administration welcomes plan to reopen direct flights between Manado and Davao of the Philippines.

Provincial administration spokesman Yudhistira Siwu said Vice Governor Djouhari Kansil had met with Philippine Consul General Jose Burgos to discuss the plan in Manado.

The plan was first suggested at a meeting between Jose Burgos and Sangihe Regent HR Makagansa, when the Philippine official visited the regency early March, Siwu said here on Saturday.

He said the reopening of the route linking the Sam Ratulangi airport of Manado and Davao via Naha Sangihe airport and Melounguane Talaud airport would contribute to economic and tourism cooperation and expansion in Davao and North Sulawesi.

Earlier the route was served by Merpati airlines and the defunct Bouraq airline and Sriwijaya Air using Bombardier and ATR aircraft.

This time the route would be served by Garuda Indonesia, the country's flag carrier.

Siwu quoted Jose Burgos as saying that the first flight would be on 21 April 2014.
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