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Cargolux B744 near Shannon on Mar 14th 2014, cargo fire indication

(AeroInside) A Cargolux Boeing 747-400 freighter, registration LX-SCV performing flight CV-765 from Aguadilla (Puerto Rico) to Maastricht (Netherlands) with 2 crew and a cargo of flowers, was enroute at FL370 about 120nm east of Shannon (Ireland) over the Irish Sea when the crew declared emergency reporting a cargo fire indication. The aircraft descended and set course to divert to Cardiff,WL (UK) but stopped the descent at 4000 feet, climbed back to FL100 and diverted to Shannon advising they would vacate the runway after landing. The aircraft landed safely on runway 24 in low visibility about one hour after declaring emergency and about 40 minutes after aborting the approach to Cardiff. Attending emergency services found no trace of fire, heat or smoke.

The airline reported the main deck fire warning was caused by moisture from the flowers on board of the aircraft.

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