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Are UFOs real? Did the UFOs take the missing plane?

Aviation Updates Philippines – Korina Sanchez interviewed Capt. John Andrews of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, also known as CAAP in her show “Rated K”. Korina Sanchez asked Capt. Andrews, “Naniniwala ka ba sa UFO? Hindi ko naman sinasabi na ito ang dahilan sa pagkawala ng Malaysia Airlines.” Capt. Andrews replied, “Hindi naman ito imposible, pwede itong mangyari.”

Another question was asked, “Posible ba na na-hijack and eroplano na ito?” “Hindi ako naniniwala. The cockpit is secured, walang tao ang makakapasok dito” a summary of what he answered.

A paranormal expert said if the plane was took by the UFOs; it will surely vanish in the radar.

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