Philippines, Singapore to sign new air services agreement

On Thursday, the Philippines and Singapore signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) on air services, which included an expansion of fifth freedom rights and the addition of China for Singapore and India for the Philippines.

The MOU will allow an increase in the number of seats on flights between the two countries, which will be a significant benefit to the aviation industry in both nations.

The MOU was signed by representatives of both countries and was welcomed by Carmelo Arcilla, executive director of the Civil Aeronautics Board. 

Arcilla said:

The parties signed a new MOU on air services, expanding the exchange of traffic rights between the two countries.

Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Tiger Airways Philippines are among the carriers that operate flights between the Philippines and Singapore. With the expansion of fifth freedom rights, these airlines will be able to add more routes and increase the number of flights they offer to their customers.

According to Arcilla, the new agreement will also enable unlimited points outside Metro Manila, which is in line with current Philippine policy and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) multilateral agreements on air liberalization.

The new MOU will increase the number of seats on the Manila-Singapore route to around 16,800 per week for each country. This will benefit not only the aviation industry but also the tourism and business sectors, as it will facilitate more frequent and affordable air travel between the Philippines and Singapore. 

The expansion of fifth freedom rights will also create new opportunities for airlines to expand their networks and explore new markets.