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Man proposed to his girlfriend on-board Cebu Pacific flight

Aviation Updates Philippines - Love is truly in the air as a lawyer proposed in-flight, 30,000 feet above sea level, to his now-fiancee on Thursday.
Atty. Florante Cayunda Jr. asks Andrea Louise Ambrosio's hand in marriage. Photo taken from Cebu Pacific's Facebook page.

Halfway through their flight to Hong Kong, passengers aboard Cebu Pacific 5J 240 were treated to a rare in-flight entertainment as Atty. Florante Cayunda Jr. popped the question to Andrea Louise Ambrosio.

In a set of photos posted on Cebu Pacific's Facebook page, Cayuda is seen down on one knee holding an engagement ring to Ambrosio, while she holds a bouquet of flowers.

"A resounding YES!" captioned one photo of the emotional couple hugging, much to the delight of the plane's crew and passengers.
Newly-engaged couple Atty. Florante Cayunda Jr. and Andrea Louise Ambrosio. Photo taken from Cebu Pacific's Facebook page.
Netizens were quick to congratulate the "Match made in heaven," with hundreds saying that the stunt was "Sweet." "How sweet naman po. Kilig much..." commented Facebook user Rachel Macapobre Bandiez.

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