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Cebu Pacific, Tigerair to comply with CAAP rule on device use

Philippine Airlines Airbus A320 taxiing for Take-Off
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(BusinessMirror / Lenie Lectura) MANILA - CEBU Pacific (CEB) and Tigerair Philippines raised no objection to the new policy of the air safety regulator which, on Tuesday, announced that it will allow the use of laptops, mobile phones and other Internet-capable devices on board domestic flights.

Cebu Pacific Vice President for Corporate Affairs Jorenz Tañada, in a text message, said the budget airline will comply with Memorandum Circular (MC) 52-13 of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

“CEB has viewed MC 52-13 as uploaded in the CAAP web site. CEB will revise its manuals and procedures in accordance with [the] said CAAP memorandum,” he said.

The said MC covers the conditional use of transmitting portable electronic device music player (MP3) and global system for mobile communication onboard aircraft (GSMOBA) on all commercial aircraft operating within or en route over the territorial jurisdiction of the Republic of the Philippines.

Tigerair Philippines, formerly Seair Inc., likewise, said it will abide by the new policy which will take effect 15 days upon publication.

However, President and Chief Executive Officer Olive Ramos said there should be limitations. “Yes, I agree but [this] has to be regulated. [Devices] should not be used during take-off and landing. Also, the use of gadgets and phones should not create annoying sound, noise or distraction during flight,” said the Tigerair official, in a text message.

The CAAP has set conditions and limitations governing the new policy. When the aircraft doors are still open, CAAP will allow the use of laptops, cellular phones and other Internet-capable devices unless the pilot-in-command and or senior cabin crew will specifically announce via the public address system its prohibition. During aircraft refueling, however, these are strictly prohibited. “In this instance, all transmitting portable electronic devices must be turned off,” said CAAP.
Once the aircraft doors are closed, CAAP will still allow the use of these portable electronics devices, albeit on silent mode and only for sending short-message-service and Internet surfing.

CAAP stressed that voice communications are not allowed—except GSMOBA devices, provided these do not interfere with the orderly conduct of flight.

Games on electronic devices, provided these are set on silent mode—may be played. The use of MP3 players should always be with earphones and not with external or separate speakers and/or amplifiers.

Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines said it has no comment while AirAsia Zest did not reply when sought for one.

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