Jetstar Japan flight emergency lands over bomb threat

Jetstar Japan flight 7C-1738 was forced to make an emergency landing at Chubu Centrair International Airport (ICAO: RJGG) in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, after receiving a bomb threat on Saturday morning.

The plane, which was carrying 136 passengers and six crew members, had taken off from Narita Airport near Tokyo and was headed for Fukuoka Airport in southwestern Japan.

According to a spokesperson for the airport, the plane landed at 7:41 AM (UTC+9) and the runway was closed until 12:15 PM after safety was reassured.

NHK reported that Narita Airport received a phone call from a man speaking in English who claimed to have planted a 100-kilogram plastic bomb in the cargo area of the Jetstar plane. 

The caller allegedly demanded to speak with a manager and threatened to detonate the bomb if his demand was not met.

All passengers and crew were safely evacuated from the plane using emergency slides, but five people were reportedly injured during the evacuation process. No suspicious object has been found on the plane so far, according to the police.

As a result of the emergency landing, the incident caused some flights to and from Chubu Airport to be cancelled or delayed. The airport’s runway was closed temporarily, but operations have since resumed. The incident is currently under investigation.

Source: NHKReutersCNN

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