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Korean Air Flight Makes Emergency Landing at NAIA

Aviation Updates Philippines - An Incheon-bound Boeing 777-3B5(ER) of Korean Air from Singapore diverted to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport early Tuesday due to reported smoke in the cabin area. Flight KE644 landed safely in Manila at 2:05 am local time.
CABIN SMOKE. Smoke in the cabin caused the diversion of Korean Airlines Flight KE644 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. The flight took off from Manila at 6:22 am local time after being inspected by Korean Air maintenance personnel. Photo by Dor Lok - JetPhotos.net
The Korean Air flight called Manila controllers and radioed them about their technical problem. According to Capt. KevJoy Go of the Philippine PlaneSpotters Group - PPSG, he heard the transmissions between the flight in emergency and the control tower, and it seems the pilots remained calm throughout.

Korean Air flight 644 was flying 285 passengers on-board and were unloaded safely after the priority landing in Manila. Maintenance personnel of the Korean airline quickly inspected the aircraft and declared it fit to fly at 4 am local time.

According to Sung Suk Jae of Korean Air, "the flight did not have smoke in the cabin but the crew sensed a burning smell coming out from a seat."

“After a maintenance check it was figured the origin of the smell was the AVOD (audio/video on demand) unit that was malfunctioning.  The unit’s power supply was cut (as) a safety measure and continued the flight,” he said.

The aircraft continued its flight to Seoul-Incheon and took off from Manila at 6:22 am local time. Korean Air Flight 644 landed safely at the Incheon International Airport in Korea at 10:35 am Korea standard time.
Source: Flightradar24.com, GMA News, Inquirer.net

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