Boeing 777 maintains strong safety record, say officials – The Malaysia Airlines aircraft that disappeared on its Saturday flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was a Boeing 777. This model, until now, has experienced only one fatal crash.

Boeing 777s are frequently utilized for long-haul flights lasting 12 hours or more, often traversing vast oceanic expanses from one continent to another. They have largely superseded the older Boeing 747 models.

The single fatal incident involving these planes occurred when a Boeing 777-200, operated by South Korea's Asiana Airlines, veered off the runway upon landing at San Francisco's international airport in July 2013.

In the aftermath of the crash, aviation experts publicly lauded the Boeing 777's safety features, which they credited with preventing a higher casualty count.

Apart from this, the Boeing 777 has been implicated in only one other fatal accident, which transpired after the plane had already landed.

The only other significant incident involving a Boeing 777 was a crash at London's Heathrow airport in January 2008.

The model in question, the oldest in the Boeing 777 family, boasts a range of 5,240 nautical miles, as per the Boeing website.