EXPLAINER: What happened to the Cebu Pacific A321neo at NAIA?

Early on July 12, 2024, a Cebu Pacific Airbus A321neo was involved in a minor incident at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in...


The story behind 3-letter airport codes

You checked in at the airport, received your boarding pass, gathered your belongings, and prepared for your scheduled flight. As you glanced at...


The unpainted planes in Philippine skies

While flying in and out of some airports in the Philippines, you may have seen planes, specifically Airbus A320 jets, with no paint...


Navigating turbulence: How Cebu Pacific tackles unexpected flight disruptions

AviationUpdatesPH.com recently had an inside look at Cebu Pacific’s Airline Operations Center, where the low-cost carrier manages and dispatches thousands of flights weekly...


Inside look: How Cebu Pacific ensures safe & affordable flights for everyone

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to ensure your flight takes off smoothly? Cebu Pacific recently gave us a peek into its...

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Best places to visit in the Philippines (with flight options)

The Philippines, an archipelago nation famed for its pristine beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and warm, welcoming people, beckons adventure seekers and laid-back travelers alike....


Aviation enthusiasts thrilled as NASA’s DC-8 takes to Philippine skies

Aviation enthusiasts in Luzon were treated to a rare sight today, February 6th, as NASA’s iconic DC-8 aircraft embarked on a mission to...


Airbus A320 vs. Boeing 737: How to spot the differences between these popular planes

Have you ever peered out the window at a sleek jetliner and wondered, “Airbus or Boeing?” As a frequent flier, you’ve likely encountered...


Cebu Pacific’s historic aircraft order: A detailed look into the Philippines’ largest aviation deal

Before 2023 ends, low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air made headlines by announcing its intention to order 100-150 narrowbody aircraft to fuel its expansion...


Emirates A380: 15 facts to celebrate 15 years of luxury and innovation

Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, is celebrating 15 years of operating the iconic Airbus A380, marking a milestone in aviation history. With...


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