AirAsia Philippines inducts new batch of Air Force reservists

AirAsia Philippines has inducted nine new employee reservists into the Philippine Air Force, further solidifying its long-standing partnership aimed at supporting community service and disaster response efforts nationwide.

The latest batch underwent a 30-day Basic Citizen Military Training program before officially joining the ranks of the 1st Airlift Wing Reserve during a graduation ceremony at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City on Tuesday.

Among the new reservists are employees from various departments including quality management, cabin crew, human resources, healthcare, IT and operational quality assurance.

The dedication of our Allstar reservists to community service is deeply rooted in AirAsia Philippines’ commitment to readiness in responding to national crises, emergencies, rescue operations, humanitarian efforts, and medical missions.

Ricky Isla, AirAsia Philippines CEO

“We have always cultivated a culture of readiness through CSR programs like alwaysREADY: anytime, anywhere, aiming to support disaster relief efforts in communities regardless of time and location,” Isla added.

With this new group, the budget airline now has 65 staff members serving as Air Force reservists capable of being deployed for disaster relief distribution, medical missions and other civic efforts when needed.

AirAsia’s reserve unit under the 1st Airlift Wing has been recognized as the Best Reserve Unit nationwide by the Philippine Air Force for its active involvement in such initiatives over the years.

“In a testament to our commitment to national service, we proudly welcome the newest reservists now part of the esteemed PAF Reserve Center,” said Lt. Col. Gomer Monreal, AirAsia’s Wing Commander.

The reservists go through an eight-week theoretical course coupled with three days of field training as part of the Basic Citizen Military course curriculum.

For new IT reservist Jessie Kid Tan, who was named the batch’s top marksman, the training was an honor that allowed him to express patriotism while developing leadership skills applicable to his role at AirAsia.

“I’m honored to be part of this opportunity as it allows me to express my love for the country, while also developing valuable skills in teamwork and leadership – all of which I apply in my line of work,” Tan said.

The reservists have the option to further their military education through Professional Military Education courses if they wish to seek promotions or active-duty positions.

AirAsia has maintained close ties with the Philippine military over the years, frequently providing discounted fares for uniformed personnel as an expression of gratitude for their service.

The airline’s latest batch of reservists strengthens its “always ready” commitment to support the government’s disaster preparedness and humanitarian efforts through its employees serving as first responders when needed.

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