British Airways to debut real-time weather apps for pilots

British Airways has announced it will become the first UK airline to introduce two new weather apps providing real-time data to pilots and flight planning teams.

The apps, supplied by The Weather Company and SkyConseil, will replace the airline’s current system of manually produced weather reports.

The new technology aims to help pilots and operations staff better predict and mitigate the impacts of adverse weather on flight routes.

The Guidor app for pilots will offer comprehensive weather insights along flight paths before departure and during flights, with future updates enabling real-time in-flight data via onboard Wi-Fi.

British Airways’ Integrated Operations Control center will access the Fusion app to monitor weather changes that could affect operations.

“These applications represent a step-change in the quality of weather information we receive, and, in the future, will enable pilots to collaborate in real-time during a flight with operational colleagues on the ground, allowing faster decision-making for a variety of issues like diversion planning and recovery.”

René de Groot, Chief Operating Officer at British Airways

The apps were specifically tailored for British Airways’ global route network to benefit both short and long-haul flights.

Their rollout is part of the airline’s £7 billion transformation program focusing on increased technology adoption across operations.

Earlier this year, British Airways introduced an Electronic Aircraft Maintenance system allowing near-instant data transfer from aircraft to engineers to expedite maintenance.

The real-time weather apps represent another major investment in digital operational improvements.

While providing operational advantages, the move aligns with the aviation industry’s ongoing efforts to leverage technological solutions to enhance efficiency and safety.

Effective weather monitoring is critical for airlines to proactively manage disruptions and make informed decisions benefiting both operations and customer experience.

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