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Mactan-Cebu Airport embraces “silent airport” trend

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. (Photo by James Peter via Flickr)

The Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA), the Philippines’ second busiest airport, is transitioning to a “silent airport” model, aiming to enhance passenger experience by minimizing noise pollution and creating a more relaxing environment.

According to a report from the Philippine News Agency, this move is seen to align MCIA with trailblazing airports worldwide, such as Singapore Changi Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, who have already adopted this trend.

Instead of relying on loudspeaker announcements, MCIA will utilize visual displays, electronic signage, and even mobile notifications to communicate essential information like boarding times, gate changes, and security notices.

“Our goal is to ensure the passenger journey at MCIA aligns with global standards, inspiring foreign visitors to choose us as their gateway to the Philippines,” said MCIA CEO Athanasios Titonis, in a report from the Philippine News Agency.

The transition began in January 2024, with airport officials doing away with unnecessary announcements while prioritizing crucial ones during the initial phase.

“Passenger feedback and pain points have consistently driven change and advancement at MCIA. Our commitment is to provide a holistic vacation experience by offering a peaceful environment right from arrival,” stated Ricia Montejo, head of the airport’s customer experience.

While the “silent airport” concept offers numerous advantages, including reduced stress and improved focus for passengers, some concerns exist.

These drawbacks include potential difficulties for travelers accustomed to audio announcements and the possibility of passengers missing flights due to a more relaxed environment.

MCIA acknowledges these concerns and is taking steps to address them, ensuring essential announcements are still made and passengers are kept informed.

This initiative demonstrates the airport’s commitment to improving passenger experience and aligning with global best practices in the aviation industry.

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Dirk Andrei Salcedo

An aviation enthusiast turned creator of the top aviation news portal in the Philippines, Dirk has a deep passion for everything that flies. When he's not keeping his finger on the pulse of the industry, he also volunteers with a major humanitarian organization, impacting people on the ground and in the sky.

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