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Emirates phases out printed boarding passes at Dubai

Aviation Updates Philippines – Emirates is phasing out printed boarding passes for passengers departing from Dubai.  

Image: Emirates' digital boarding pass on a mobile device (Credit: Emirates)

The Dubai-based airline announced that from May 15, Emirates' customers who check-in for their flights at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 will receive their boarding passes via email or SMS. Passengers who check in online can load their boarding pass into their Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, or retrieve their boarding pass on the Emirates App.

Following check-in, passengers will receive their baggage receipt by email or on the Emirates App.

The mobile boarding passes can be used throughout the airport. Emirates agents and airport staff will scan the QR code on the mobile boarding pass as passengers move through the airport and board the aircraft.

As paper boarding passes get phased out, passengers who require it or experience problems with their mobile devices will be able to have it printed upon request by Emirates agents.

According to Emirates, the phasing out of paper boarding passes is part of efforts to reduce paper waste while offering a convenient digitized check-in experience for passengers departing Dubai. It also reduces the risk of lost or misplaced boarding passes.

Biometric Travel in Dubai

In addition to the use of digital boarding passes, Emirates' registered passengers can use biometric machines or smart gates to pass through various stations at the airport.

UAE residents can register to use the Smart Gates at Emirates Terminal 3 to clear through Immigration upon arrival at Dubai. UAE citizens and residents can use their passport, boarding pass, or valid UAE ID, while GCC nationals or visitors eligible for visa on arrival can pass through the Smart Gates with a biometric passport.

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