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AirAsia's Teleport acquires first Boeing 737-800 freighter

Aviation Updates Philippines – In a bid to further strengthen its logistics venture, AirAsia recently unveiled its first dedicated Boeing 737-800 freighter aircraft on Wednesday.

Photo from AirAsia

According to AirAsia, the aircraft will reinforce its position as a formidable regional player in the cargo and logistics business.

The Boeing 737-800 freighter's livery reflects the brand colors of Teleport. Teleport says the design represents its service philosophies as it targets to be part of the top 3 largest cargo operators in the ASEAN region.

Although the logistics company has only received its first dedicated freighter today, the company has been using AirAsia's passenger planes to transport cargo since the start of the pandemic.

The 737 will be stationed in Bangkok, wherein it will service flights to key markets such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chennai, Mumbai, and all the major destinations in Southeast Asia from Thailand.

The freighter’s fully containerized main deck and large volume capacity of 21T total max payload are also capable of carrying numerous items under the Dangerous Goods category as per IATA regulations, including Lithium batteries.

Chief Executive Officer of Teleport, Pete Chareonwongsak said, “The addition of the Freighter into our fleet will accelerate the company's goal to shift from a pure air freight logistics provider to a complete multi-modal operator. We’ve always been on a fast-track growth route to continuously propel Teleport’s air cargo business forward by spotlighting our commitment towards moving anything across Southeast Asia. We look forward to what’s in the pipeline not just for Teleport but for everyone in the industry.”

The aircraft was acquired through a multi-year agreement with Bangkok-based express cargo airline K-Mile Asia.

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