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AirAsia rebrands as lifestyle platform

Aviation Updates Philippines – From what was once only a low-cost carrier, airasia.com is rebranding itself as a “comprehensive lifestyle platform” as it revealed the company’s new logo on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

According to the company, the rebranding signifies a new era for the AirAsia Group as it positions itself as the ASEAN super app. Under the new brand, AirAsia would seamlessly offer 15 unique products and services under travel, e-commerce, and fintech in one single app.

“AirAsia is always about the people. We [democratized] flying 19 years ago and enabled millions to travel, to explore. We pride ourselves in being a disruptive leader, connecting the Asean region, providing value, simplicity and inclusivity, for everyone,” AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer Tony Fernandes said.

He further explained: “Now with airasia.com, we are enabling everyone to fly, to stay, to shop, to eat, all at the convenience of one super app. We have not wasted the crisis, in fact we’ve been using the lockdown period to finetune our platform, unify the user experience and simplify our payment to a one-click checkout.”

The airasia.com brand will become a travel and lifestyle companion, not only an airline. airasia.com Chief Executive Officer Karen Chan says, “[t]he launch of airasia.com super app is a testimony of airasia’s continuous innovation culture and our drive to deliver value to our customers.”

As part of the rebrand, airasia.com is offering a Super Sale comprising of up to 90 percent off in discounts from hotel deals, flights, shops, among others. From October 12 to 18, guests can also avail of 50 percent discounts on Malaysia domestic flights and 10 percent off other airlines’ flights.

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