Baby born on-board PAL flight named 'Pali'

Aviation Updates Philippines – A cute blessing indeed graced Philippine Airlines flight PR-659 on June 6, 2020, when a healthy baby boy was born en-route from Dubai to Manila at 39,000 feet. It was then a very proud moment for everyone at PAL when they heard the news.

Just this morning, we received yet again another good news from the baby, for he was named "Pali" — a combination of "PAL" and "Ali," meaning "most high" in Arabic. PAL Spokesperson Cielo Villaluna shared this exciting news in a Facebook post.

Villaluna said PR-659's flight purser Daisy Castellano reached out to baby Pali's mother today. "The best part of their conversation was the glowing mom's revelation that she named her baby "PALI", she said.

"I sincerely wanted to know how they've been doing, so I just sent her a simple "Hi" and good wishes. She answered by sending me a picture of the baby," Castellano remarked. Thankfully, after the surreal delivery on-board, the baby and the mother are both "doing great".

In a Facebook post, Second Officer Fidel Guzm├ín Ala recounted what happened on PR-659: "It was one of the, if not the most stressful and yet fulfilling experiences in my life." 

Since there were no doctors on-board, the responsibility was entirely upon the flight crew. Ala said they contacted MedAire, an International SOS company for maritime and the aviation sector, via the plane's satellite phone to communicate with doctors.

"As there were no doctors on board, I had to call one through satphone and very carefully relay all those medical terms to the cabin attendants delivering the baby. To me, that felt a tad terrifying. One misinterpretation of the doctor's instructions would spell out a person's doom or destiny."

With the crew's #BuongPusongAlaga, they were able to safely deliver baby Pali above 30,000 feet — a daring and critical feat that the team should be genuinely proud of. Hats off to the crew of Philippine Airlines flight 659 on June 6:

Cabin crew: Purser Leilani Daisy Castellano, FA Joan Rivera, FA Maria Josefina Lobo, FA Maria Cordis Carlyle Yuchongco, FA Marie Rose Coronel, FA Nancy Montinola, FS Dino Karganilla, FS Jose Madarang, Jr., FS Ronniel James Mendoza and FS Warren Santiago

Pilots: Capt. Mark Palomares, FO Herky Vitug and SO Fidel Guzman Ala

Photo from Cielo Villalua, Philippine Airlines