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AirAsia domestic flights to resume on June 3

Aviation Updates Philippines – Budget carrier Philippines AirAsia plans to gradually resume domestic flights on June 3, 2020, as the country eases community quarantine restrictions over key hubs in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

“During the hibernation of our fleet, we took the time to step up our handling procedures to ensure that our guests have a swift and safe journey with us. Needless to say, we are well prepared to welcome everyone on board. As we resume our services around our network, AirAsia is determined to help rebuild our economy and country,” Philippines AirAsia Chief Executive Officer Ricky Isla said.

Only a fraction of AirAsia's original capacity and route network would be restored initially while the airline adjusts for the restart. Starting July 1, the number of domestic services will increase following the restart of key international routes on the same day.

All routes from June 3 will depart from Manila and Clark hubs as of the moment. The company said flights will temporarily move to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 while Terminal 4 remains closed for operations.

Domestic flights from Manila hub starting June 3

 Flight Number Route  Remarks 
 Z2 775/776 Manila-Cebu-Manila   eff 03JUN20
 Z2 613/614 Manila-Davao-Manila   eff 03JUN20
 Z2 331/332 Manila-Tacloban-Manila   eff 03JUN20
 Z2 691/692 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila   eff 03JUN20
 Z2 605/606 Manila-Bacolod-Manila   eff 03JUN20
 Z2 358/359 Manila-Panglao-Manila   eff 03JUN20

Domestic flights from Clark hub starting June 3

 Flight Number Route  Remarks 
 Z2 911/912 Clark-Cagayan de Oro-Clark  eff 03JUN20
 Z2 480/481 Clark-Davao-Clark   eff 03JUN20
 Z2 975/976 Clark-Tacloban-Clark   eff 03JUN20

In the next few days, AirAsia is expected to release additional routes and flight schedules, as necessary, through the airline's website and mobile app.

On passenger safety, AirAsia said: "Guests can expect enhanced safety measures throughout the entire journey, including pre-flight, in-flight, and arrival processes. These include the mandatory wearing of face masks to be permitted to travel, amongst others. Guests are also advised to check and comply with measures implemented by local airport authorities for a smooth travel experience."


  1. Good Day ,How about Clark- Iloilo I just saw available flights but travel date is June 2 and other dates has available too

  2. how about june 2 flights cebu-manila

  3. Is there any requirements for the flight?

  4. Flight Davao to Cebu is it available this Jun 4 ???

  5. Pls let us know the exact skedule of flights available so that we can prepare and book.

    O we dnt have to worry about the canxellation of flights.

  6. How about bacolod to manila? Can bring a 6months old baby?

  7. How can i rebook my ticket is cancelled by airasia cause of COvid-19 ,my flight is on March 22,2020.I dont know how to rebook cause i book my flight through online.

  8. Can the stranded filipino her in manila can continue our flights going to province if we have already our booking flights?


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