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AirAsia Zest sees bump in passengers

Aviation Updates Philippines - Low cost carrier, AirAsia Zest expects the doubling of passenger volume this year as it plans to launch new destinations in the north east Asia market.

The newly appointed chief executive officer of AirAsia Zest, Joy Cañeba said that the airline is aiming to reach 5.5 million passengers a year in 2014. In 2013, AirAsia Zest served 2.6 million passengers.
(PHOTO) AirAsiaPhilippines - Facebook

"We are really targeting the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese markets. My strategy is to bring more inbound traffic," Cañeba told reporters.

The Department of Tourism data shows that Korean tourists that visited the Philippines went up to 1.17 million last year from 1.03 million in 2012. Japanese tourists remained at 412,474, while tourists from China, 426,352.

As the airline appointed a new CEO, it plans to construct a low cost terminal in the grounds of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

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