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Philippine Airlines utilizes Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to US, adds more flights

Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER RP-C7776
(PHOTO) Wong Chi Lam - Planespotters.net
Aviation Updates Philippines - Philippine Airlines, owned by Lucio Tan, is set to use the Boeing 777-300ER planes to the United States after Federal Aviation Administration announced that our Aviation Safety had been upgraded to Category 1.

Using those Boeing 777 planes, Philippine Airlines would save $160 million dollars. $100 million (A year) for the fuel and $60 million dollars for the maintenance. Boeing 777-300ER planes would replace the Boeing 747-400 operation to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Philippine Airlines will retire their Boeing 747s soon.

Boeing 777-300ER planes will serve the United States, letting the Airbus A340-300 (leased) to operate Manila to London flights. The airline said its Vancouver and Toronto flights will be utilized by their brand new Airbus A330-343X, the airline previously used Boeing 777-300ER on these routes.

To support PAL's expansion, Philippine Airlines still has 7 A330-300 on order. Later this year, Philippine Airlines said it would cancel 5 A330-300 deliveries, But, Philippine Airlines would order more A321-200 planes.

Philippine Airlines will increase frequency to some US flights. They would increase Los Angeles flights to 14x weekly, Honolulu to 7x weekly, and Guam to 14x weekly.


  1. Not a good idea to deploy old A340 in London /Manila route. To be.competetive with other airline company a good service will be provided or else PAL dont get passenger even Filipinos. 777 is the right plane.for.this route not only its new , clean, butvit has a personnal tv screens even in economy class. Hope to consider this.aspect. Its a very long flight and.without this facilities its gonna be boring for the passengers.

    1. Yeah, I agree with you :)

      - Aviation Updates Philippines ADMIN


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