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SilkAir to operate 737-800 on Davao and Cebu routes

Aviation Updates Philippines – SilkAir has outlined the route network for its brand-new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which includes flights to the Philippines. The airline's first Boeing 737-800 is expected to be delivered on February 2014.

According to Airlineroute.net, SilkAir has further revised planned Boeing 737-800 operation, as the 2-class 162-seater Boeing 737-800 plans to enter service on February 20, 2014, instead of the previously planned March 30, 2014. Revised Boeing 737-800 operation as of January 9, 2014 as follow. Routes marked with * represents no changes to planned service entry since last report on January 6, 2014.

Note that certain routes are currently displaying discrepancies on frequencies. Further changes remain highly possible, including last-minute aircraft changes.

eff 20FEB14 Singapore – Kuala Lumpur Inaugural flight (MI322/321 Day 367; daily from 30MAR14) 

eff 20FEB14 Singapore – Penang MI348/347 Day 467, MI354/353 Day x467 (MI348/347 and MI352/351 daily from 30MAR14) 

eff 21FEB14 Singapore – Medan MI234/233 Day x467 (MI234/233 and MI238/237 daily from 30MAR14) 

eff 21FEB14 Singapore – Phuket MI754/753 Day x467, MI756/755 Day 67 (MI754/753 daily from 30MAR14; MI752/751 daily from 28APR14) 

eff 17MAR14 Singapore – Siem Reap – Da Nang – Singpaore 2 weekly (Day 16; 737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 28APR14; Day 167 from 29APR14) 

eff 18MAR14 Singapore – Da Nang – Siem Reap – Singapore 3 weekly (Day 235; 737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 28APR14; Day 234 from 29APR14) 

eff 20MAR14 Singapore – Davao – Cebu – Singapore MI588 Day 4 (737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 25MAY14; Day 146 from 26MAY14) 

eff 20MAR14 Singapore – Kochi MI468/467 Day 47 (737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 25MAY14; 1 daily from 26MAY14) 

eff 23MAR14 Singapore – Cebu – Davao – Singapore MI566 Day 7 (737 does not operate from 30MAR14 to 26MAY14; Day x146 from 27MAY14) 

*eff 30MAR14 Singapore – Hyderabad 1 daily (MI478/477) 

eff 02MAY14 Singapore – Cebu 1 weekly (MI544/543 Day 5) 

*eff 25AUG14 Singapore – Xiamen 1 daily 

*eff 29SEP14 Singapore – Shenzhen 3 weekly (MI962/961 Day 135) 

*eff 30SEP14 Singapore – Phnom Penh 1 weekly (MI608/607 Day 2) 

*eff 30SEP14 Singapore – Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Singapore 2 weekly (MI622 Day 24) 

*eff 01OCT14 Singapore – Chengdu 5 weekly (MI938/937 Day x12) 

*eff 02OCT14 Singapore – Darwin 1 weekly (Day 1/2; Day 3/4 from 22OCT14) 

*eff 04OCT14 Singapore – Bangalore 1 weekly (MI424/423 Day 6; Day 5 op with 738 from 24OCT14) 

*eff 21OCT14 Singapore – Kolkata 2 weekly (Day 24)

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